VPW Help Guide

Ever wanted to have your own collecting warehouse, or simply save money on shipping costs?

Now it's simple and convenient with Animarket's Virtual Private Warehouse.

All items you order/preorder through us will be entered into your VPW for easy control and management.

There are 2 main functions of the VPW:

1) Secure and control your orders
With a quick glance you can see the status of all your items. When a product is released, you can use your VPW to pay the remaining balance on a preorder to release your product. Simply select the items and hit "Pay" Quick, simple and easy.

2) Book Shipments
We know that you want more control over when your items are shipped. Shipping together can save you a lot of money, but sometimes it's hard when products are released at different times. No problem!

Animarket's VPW let's you decide when to ship, and can bundle your items together to save money and hassle. Simply select your fully-paid items from your VPW and hit the Ship button.

VPW Ship demonstration

If you have any questions, as ever you can get in touch with our excellent caring support at and we can help you.

Happy collecting!